Get Ready to Look Your Best for the Beach This Summer

Part of celebrating summer is to ensure you get the “summer look” right. This may mean not only knowing what is trending fashion-wise, but also taking extra good care of your hair, skin, and body. The Marketplace East near Diamond Bar, CA is your one-stop shopping center for the latest in summer fashions as well as hair and body care.

Breakout the Swimwear!

Swimwear is more than just a summertime fashion trend. These are practical garments that serve important functions such as hygiene and thermal insulation functions. Swimwear for women can also be flirty, elegant and ultra-feminine depending on your preferred style. Looking for swimwear collections that will not only turn heads, but make waves on Facebook or Instagram? Get swimsuits at Kohl’s at The Marketplace East near Diamond Bar, CA.

Re-examine Skin Care Needs

Your body’s skin care needs during winter will be very different during the hot temperatures of summer. During winter, dry skin may have required more moisture with heavy oils and creams, but the focus for summer shifts to lighter make-up and more emphasis on adequate sun protection. Get your summer look at Ulta where you will find a diverse array of beauty supplies from nail care to top skincare brands.

Empower A Healthy Lifestyle

Health and fitness seem to take center stage on the approach of summer, when looking your best is a top priority. With new determination and focus, and regular sessions at the gym, anyone can attain the summer-ready body they’ve dreamed of. A 24-hour fitness center is the ideal option, as you can work out any time at your convenience. Get your beach body at 24 Hour Fitness.

Summer is the perfect time to soak up some sun after piling on the layers during winter, so make sure you shop for your summer needs at The Marketplace East in Walnut, CA.