How to Start the New Year with New Habits in Walnut, CA

It’s easy to star the new year with energy to tackle your resolutions. But many people find their resolve fading very early on. One of the main causes of broken resolutions is thinking life-changing habits will be quick and easy. Planning to achieve your goals can be an effective way to build healthy habits. If you want a positive new start to the year, here’s how to go about maintaining new routines in Walnut, CA with a habit-forming trip to shop here at The Marketplace East.

Exercise the Smart Way

To make exercise a habit that will stick, you need to make small changes at a time and not an overwhelming change all at once. Try fun ways to include more movement in your day, such as swimming or a fitness class. A local gym offering the convenience of 24 Hour Fitness is even better as you can work out whenever you want. Get a workout at 24 Hour Fitness near West Covina, CA at The Marketplace East.

Fit Health and Wellness into your Lifestyle

Like exercise, health and wellness habits need to start off in small ways. Whether it is to drink more water and less alcohol or eat more plant-based food in your diet, starting off slowly with little changes is proven to be more effective in the long term. Another tip is to make health and wellness choices more convenient and easily available. In Walnut, CA you can easily get health supplies at CVS Pharmacy. If you love Mexican dishes made from fresh vegetables and protein-packed meat, get healthy food at Chipotle near Pomona, CA at The Marketplace East.

Live Better and More Organized

Having an organized home to come home to at the end of a busy workday is your personal piece of heaven. With the amazing array of housing décor items available, keeping a well-organized home is easier than you think. From innovative storage solutions to kitchenware and bedding, get organization supplies here at Michael’s in Walnut, CA.

Get Healthy Supplies in Walnut, CA

The Marketplace East is your go-to lifestyle destination in Walnut, CA for everything you need from health-inspired food to supplies for a home restoration project. Visit us today to run all of your errands and to get your checklist checked-off!